MidCity Homes is a new residiential division of Cumby Group. Our team has been building in the local Texas market for many years, bringing an array of expert-level residential construction experience to the table.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our buyers are fully informed throughout both the sales and construction processes. Our goal is to make the homebuying process completely stress-free for all involved. Some of the ways we accomplish this are:

We utilize the latest in technology, such as sales experiences in Virtual Reality, remote buyer option selection software, and a fully electronic contracting process.

Our processes and attention to detail lead us to purchase all material and labor with the utmost precision. Additionally, all construction stages are well documented and thoughtfully planned, allowing us to optimally complete every build.

Through our option selection software, Buyer Checklists, and Owner Walks throughout the construction process, we strive to keep all expectations clear. Our goal is to keep our buyers informed and involved, every step of the way.

These are just a few of the ways that we echo the values of our parent company. Building in the Greater Austin area is our passion. We keep our homebuyers in mind from the day we begin designing a project through the memories made within the neighboorhoods and homes we create.

We truly believe that every MidCity home should be a dream home, and we are proud to help you create yours.